Lost Lands Music Festival: Day 2

Happy New Years!

2018 is gonna be on a whole other level. Sending you all the best vibes as the new year rolls in x

Here is my Lost Lands day 2 blog to start off your 2018!

Day 2 Outfit Details


Neon Tie Dye Alien Crop, Alien High Waisted Booty Shorts, & Cute Lil’ Alien Chokerย fromย Lunar Threadz



I Believe Tee fromย Lunar Threadz

This post is going to be a brief overview of my VIP experience at Lost Lands. I honestly have no complaints. This is essentially how I feel about it:



If you’re thinking about going to Lost Lands, you should definitely save up some extra cash and snag some VIP tickets. They’re absolutely worth the money!

To sum it all up: you have access to the VIP entrances, viewing areas, bars, and bathrooms.

The VIP entrance to the festival never had a long line. Pete and I spent minimal time in the line and going through security – DOPE.

You got pretty good views of the stages from the VIP viewing areas.

For the main stage, the area was on the hill to the right of the stage. As for the Cave of Souls VIP viewing area, you really can’t complain on having the entire right side of the stage partitioned off for you. Pete and I were able to make it very close to the front of the stage and always had some room for our elbows (haha but literally).

If you’re all about food (like me), there’s exclusive food options in the VIP areas.

This is a side note but I think that the turkey legs that were over by the merchandise was my favorite meal at Lost Lands. When the sun went down and it got a bit chillier, it really hit the spot haha.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees that festival port-a-potties get real nasty. The awesome thing about having VIP is that you get to avoid the port-a-potties because you have access to the (less gross) private bathrooms in the VIP area. The toilets flush and there’s a sink with running water so yeah, (again) DOPE!






Pete made a friend.


Thanks for reading!

As always, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if you’ve got a question or want to talk!

I’m looking forward to all the new posts I’ll have for you guys this year. Pete got a WA discover pass so make sure to follow my blog for updates.

I’ll have the pictures for day 3 up soon!

x Mels

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