Train Tunnels

Faith brought Pete and I to an inactive train tunnel. I feel like I say this about every place that I go but seriously, it was BEAUTIFUL! It was about 45 mins from home.P1400271It only takes 5-10 minutes to walk through the tunnel. It’s pitch dark in the middle of the tunnel though so make sure you grab a flashlight if the dark isn’t your favorite thing (like me).

The entrance of the tunnel.
The view near the end of the tunnel.

P1400287P1400288P1400307P1400315We followed the tracks for a little bit and eventually end up at this little spot where we chilled at for a bit while Pete flew the drone around.

Pete โ™ฅ
The end of the tunnel.



As you can see, the tracks are really overgrown. There are also a shit ton of large rocks so there definitely is no way a train is going to pass through this tunnel! I found some cool crystals while we were there too. It’s a pretty cool little spot. Shout out to Faith for showing us this cool lil’ spot!

If you guys ever want to know more about the places that I go to or just have any question in general, don’t be shy to ask! I’d love to chat with ya’ll!

Until next time – Mels xx


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