Hi there again! Yup, another traveling post. I can’t seem to stay home for a week haha. Pete and I went to the Mariners vs. Yankees game on Thursday night. It wasn’t my first baseball game but it was my first time at Safeco Field! We didn’t sit in our seats at all just because we had some nosebleed ass seats but we ended up finding a better spot to watch the game at.IMG_0492

The most expensive Blue Moon I’ve ever drank.

When we got to the stadium, we decided to look around and see if we could find a better spot to watch the game. We grabbed some pizza and beer and eventually found a spot behind the Yankees bull pen (which you can see in the 2 pics above). It wasn’t the greatest spot but it was okay while we ate our pizza haha.IMG_0510

IMG_0511We eventually moved up to the second floor and had a waaaay better view of the game! The game was pretty cool though. My only complaint was the outrageous price for my beer. The next day we kinda took our time to get home. We took a little break to long-board for a bit.ย Pete took some awesome fyuse’s of us long-boarding, you should definitely check them out!XOTD3810We decided to take the scenic route home and go by Mt. Rainer. Holy shit, it’s a beautiful place! We pulled over so many times just to take pictures of the view. I’ll just stop with the words and let you enjoy these pictures:


On the way home we actually drove by a couple fires. We ended up having to call in a small fire that just started on the side of the road. We’re pretty sure the car before us flicked their cigarette out of the window…. (c’mon guys, don’t be doing that kind of shit when it’s dry AF out!) We also somehow ended up passing Hanford Reach National Monument – kinda cool. The sunset and the smoke from the fire looked crazy so we pulled over before the sun went down to snap some pictures.


Me being me while Pete’s flying the drone.



I still can’t believe that I took some awesome photos! Thanks for tuning in! I’ll be back with another adventure soon.

Until next time! xx

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