East Moscow Mountain

Pete, Faith, and I hiked East Moscow Mountain yesterday and it was pretty cool! The hike was 4.2 miles with an elevation gain of about 1,010 feet. After conquering Ice Lake, this hike was a piece of cake. We flew the drone and captured some cool shots. We even went crystal/gem hunting but my hunt was honestly kinda awful haha. It was still fun though!MoscowMtn2MoscowMtnSomeone built a swing using ropes and a plank of wood at the top of the mountain so that was pretty cool. Honestly, it’s a pretty sketchy swing and it’ll probably take you a minute to get used to it. The view from the swing is worth it – try it! It’s mostly sketchy because if you fall, your ass is gonna land on some scary looking rocks. That would probably hurt so just don’t fall and you’ll be okay!! haha.MoscowMtn3

An awesome picture that I took of Faith on the swing!


Pete vs. The Swing
This was the seat of the swing (kinda funny).


Okay so besides the bad ass swing, the view was awesome.

The view from the top.



The view was so worth it! We could see Moscow, Pullman, and other towns nearby. You can also see the Kibbie Dome from the top! It’s so so beautiful! So many trees and flowers – all that good stuff that mother nature blessed us with!


It was a fairly easy hike – you won’t even need hiking boots, just some shoes that you don’t care about getting a lil’ dirty. ย Short hike for a cool view, so yeah, go out and see it for yourself!!

Until next time xx


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