Ice Lake

Pete and I have been together for a year now and we decided to celebrate by going hiking and camping for a day. We drove through Joseph, Oregon and began our hike at Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness trail head.

This was actually my first hike where I was backpacking and camping overnight. It took us about 4.5 hours to reach our desired campground (granted, we took a couple breaks because the second half was ROUGH). The Ice Lake trail head is a 12.9 mile hike with an elevation gain of 3822 feet. Holy shit, Pete and I really surprised ourselves. It’s amazing what your body can do if you push yourself!

Our tent with our amazing view!


It was so remote and the view was literally breathtaking. We might’ve underestimated how cold it would be and didn’t pack accordingly for the cold night but it could’ve been worse! We were a little naive and forgot that snow in July is possible in places other than the LC Valley (haha). I think next time I’ll bring another layer of clothing for the night and a mat to sleep on. Oh and whatever you do, don’t eat the freeze dried chicken teriyaki. Yep, I learned my lesson. Make sure you pack a life straw with you because it’ll be a blessing to bring when/if you run out of water. There’s a lot of sources of water in this area but the life straw just makes sure it’s safe to drink. It’s a pretty awesome product and has given many people access to clean water!

Taking a lil’ break from our hike back to the car to take some drone shots.

The hike kicked my ass and my legs were sorer than they have been in a minute but the view was so worth it! The view during the entire hike was just as beautiful. It definitely isn’t an easy hike but it isn’t the hardest so make sure you get some real hiking boots and a pair of hiking poles! There’s a lot of horse shit during the first half of the hike so beware of that too! Anyways, don’t forget to go out and experience the beautiful things mama nature blessed us with. You don’t want to be 60 when you realize that you never got to see or do everything that you’ve always wanted to!

Have a look at my fyuse account (@mela5nie) to see more interactive/3D photos of this hike! It’s a pretty dope app! Thanks for reading! Until next time xx

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