Havana, Cuba

I jotted some notes down in my journal throughout my stay in Cuba and I decided that I wanted to share it as my first blog post. Here’s a very brief overview of my experience in Cuba! Next on my to-do list is a more in-depth blog about this trip! xx

  1. Airport security is tough.
    And by tough I mean, well firstly… the uniform for the ladies included a miniskirt and heels. Lace black tights were often worn to add some spice (haha but I’m serious!) It was very different from our airports in the sense that our security is a lot tighter in America!
  2. Umbrella/poncho/raincoat is useful in the bipolar tropical weather.
    1 min: pouring rain
    Next min: 90 degree + humidity
    When you bring an umbrella out, the odds that it’ll rain are less likely. But when you forget an umbrella, it pours for two hours straight while you’re wearing a cotton dress and non-water friendly sandals!!
  3. $3 cocktails are awesome. Margaritas and tequila sunrises for $3? Yes please!
  4. Cuban bottled water = no bueno (for me).
    The number one ingredient in the bottled water was “dry residue” (um, yeah, you read that right!). I, personally, got sick after drinking the bottled water and soda pop that was from Cuba. I decided to stick with imported drinks for the rest of the trip. Sprite and Pepto-Bismol were my two best friends for the 4 days that we were in Cuba. Some people can handle the Cuban water but I was not one of those people!
  5. ย Classic cars!!!
    There were so many classic cars that were in great shape and had amazing, vivid colors. They do break down often but I witnessed many times that other Cubans will stop and help one another during times like this.
  6. Havana Club is cheap and mighty tasty.
    I bought a liter bottle of Havana Club rum for 7,90 CUC’s!!!
  7. 1 CUC = $1.
  8. No, I don’t need a taxi but thanks. You’ll probably get asked a million times if you need a taxi by random people on the street.
  9. Very little to no internet in Cuba.
    I personally enjoyed keeping my phone on airplane mode for 4 days. You have to purchase a wifi card that can be bought per hour. Depending on where you buy them from they can range from 5 CUC/hour to as low as 2 CUC/hour.
  10. Blackouts: II
    Apparently blackouts are often and at one point in time they were scheduled to conserve the petroleum supply.
  11. Hop On/Hop Off Bus Tour = thumbs up.
    10 CUC’s for an entire day’s worth of access to the double decker tour bus. It stops at various monuments and sites where you have the ability to get off the bus and catch the next one ย that comes back in about 20 mins. 10/10, would recommend!
  12. Not all Cubans believe in toilet paper or toilet seats.
    You have been warned! Pack some toilet paper with you, just in case.

Stay tuned to hear more details about my trip! x

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